Thursday, October 14, 2010

Singa the cat...

Meet Singa the cat... for the past 9 days we have had the privilege of cat sitting one of the sweetest cats... one of our friends at church was going away on vacation and we got to keep her cat. What a joy it was to have this sweet loving white kitten around. Her and Pierce were instant friends and Singa was a trooper... she loved being held by Pierce and would often try to sneak into Pierce's room during rest time. We had to give her back to her mom today and we were sure sad to see her go... kind of makes me want to get a pet now... Blake says no way...
One happy boy... we had a lot of time in this box with Singa... and believe me Singa made it known when she was not happy which was not a lot... she loved the lovin.

Best Friends... the first couple of days we had Singa Pierce would wake up early and run to her room to see if she was still here... we had talked about the day we were going to have to give her back and Pierce was good with it but last night Pierce woke up at midnight asking is "singa still here"... I said "yes now go back to bed"... sweet boy.
Let me play with your toy and you drink my milk... match made in heaven.

We might get another opportunity to keep her in Dec... we can't wait hopefully she will remember us.

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