Monday, October 4, 2010

A better finish...

Pierce's finish at school last week was better than the start... he would wake up in the morning and say I want to go to "eton's house"... and then he would talk about painting, playing out side and playing with dinosaurs.

Here Pierce is walking to the bus stop where we pick up a taxi to go to school.
We made it... we are here to learn.

Meet Miss. Wati his teacher and a school mate of his... we love Miss Wati already and that sweet smile lets me know she will take good care of Pierce while he is there.

On Thursday they celebrated Children's day and were to bring a snack for the kids.... Pierce and I made Strawberry Mice hungry for some cheese. They were a hit and so easy to make.

We are so proud of our little big boy.


Lisa said...

The strawberry mice are AWESOME - way to go! I think I may try to make them for Rachel's class during "S" week. So glad you guys have found a great school for him - makes all the difference.

Jones Family said...

OK...seriously! Whatever, Martha stinkin' Stewart! You continue to blow me away. Are you working on your Mommy of the Year speech yet!?!?!?!


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