Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our team of 10 woman are headed to Manila, Philippines tomorrow morning at 6am for the "Becoming a D'Vine Woman" conference. Some of us are already there paving the way for the conference which will take place on Saturday for 400 ladies that live in the Philippines.

Please keep our team in your prayers as we love on these ladies... and I truly know that our "talks" are not the essence of Christ that we are to share... we are to love on these ladies and I can't wait to get my hands on them... God is good.

In my break-out session we will be discussing "Children and Discipline"... thank you to those who helped me with wise words for those moms... thanks to you I had 21 pages of advice.... which I was able to create a 8 page presentation from... I only have 60 min. for each break out session... I am now wishing I had more time... so I could make sure all of your wonderful advice would be shared...

I also know that I am going to be blessed so much more than I could ever give.... I can see God's hand already all over this trip... just an hour ago we found out Blake will be home this weekend to play with Pierce while I am away.

Please pray for our team, our safety, our nerves, our fears, our talks, and of course our families that we are leaving behind here in Singapore.

I will take lots of pictures so you will hear all about it... thanks a million for everything... especially your support and prayers.

See you next week.


Melanie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with'll be great!!

Lisa said...

I'm so proud of you and praying that God blesses you and the other ladies beyond measure during this experience.

Leone said...

Lots of thoughts and prayers on their way to the team.

Am sure with all the homework you have done, it will be fantastic and you will leave at the end of the conference knowing you have all achieved so much. xx


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