Thursday, October 6, 2011

I heart Traci...

Happy Birthday to Traci... a lady that pulls on my heart strings and is so very precious to so many.  I just love friendships that take time to grow but when they do you know they will last forever... although Traci and I joke often that when I left Singapore last year she deleted me from her phone so when I called her back in 6 weeks when I returned she asked "who is this"... I am blessed to be able to teach beside her in our Sunday school class (grade 2), our boys are the same age (days a part), we share a love for MOPS and we often compliment each other so much that I say "I wish I was more like you" and she follows with "I wish I was more like you"... that is what friendship is about... finding the best qualities about someone and celebrating them every day... and I know she would be there for me if and when I needed her.

I love you Traci (and also she says "I love you" every time I see her... no matter if it is for 5 min or we spend the whole day together). I thank God that He made you just the way you are.

If only I could be more like you when I grow up Traci...

Sweet friends in Singapore... oh how I am so thankful for each of you... just wait to see what I say about you on your birthday???

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Denton Family said...

what a sweet tribute to Trici on her birthday.


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