Monday, October 10, 2011

50 days of school...

We are about to celebrate 50 days of school at ICS... so in honor of that special day... I thought we should catch up on the blog and show you Open House that was about a month ago (I know bad bad).

Pierce was so happy to show off his school and to have both mommy and daddy there for the occasion. As we walked into the class we found Pierce's seat at the front table... he wanted us to stay there and look at all his work.

Pierce was so proud to show daddy what he had done at school.

Here is the emphasis "how well you did today" board... All the children start on Green (see their pics next to the green space).  If they make good choices they move up to blue, purple and then pink (where they get a prize) or if they make bad choices they move down to yellow, orange, red (where they go speak to the principal).  This board is something we talk about in our family every day when he comes home.  It is usually the first thing he tells me when he gets off the bus which we are thankful for.  He sometimes stays on green and usually moves down.  He has moved to red once (but it was the first week so he did not have to go to principal) and has moved to blue once (we threw a party).  This reward system is a source of tension in my life but I thought I would write about it so we could always remember and later in life look back and smile (hopefully).

There were lots of projects around the room where us parents could check out their work... Pierce's is 2nd row 3rd column

Our only family pic... bummer....

Pierce's teacher Ms. Angela Wong.

After class we had to stop by the library... Pierce loves the library and he wanted to show us around... and where to get his favorite books.

This year they had some students graffiti the walls... really neat stuff all over campus.

This years school theme is E.P.I.C.  I can not believe we are about to finish the 50th day of school... where does time go?

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