Thursday, April 14, 2011

Welcome to Rawa Island...

Welcome to Rawa Island... all you have to do to get there from Singapore.. is get in a car drive for about 2 hours to Malaysia... hope on ferry for about 45 min and then you pull up to this... a beautiful very small island with one small resort... it is a perfect get away. In Feb we had the opportunity to join our good friends Jamie, Jason, Isaac (Pierce's classmate), Jackson and Miles Hoffnagle.

The drive through Malaysia was easy and entertaining... we were hoping that Pierce would take a nap but how could you with stuff like this on the side of the road and the occasional monkey that was just hanging out.

Once at the ferry terminal... we were all counting the minutes until we got off the boat... we were all a little nervous about what boat we were getting on.

One nice big boat.. yippee we are excited now..

We are here... time for some fun in the sun.

This was usually us every morning on our vacation... me with my chai tea in hand... and cuddled with my buddy in a hammock.

There are a lot more pics... read on...

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Haritha said...

beautiful pics and nice blog:)


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