Sunday, April 24, 2011


About a month ago ICS (Pierce's school) had a FUNd Run to raise money for some scholarships at the school. This would be our first 5K together so we were not sure how it was going to go. We did find out last minute that dad was not going to be able to join us so off we went just Pierce and I... I had planned on running and Pierce was going to ride his scooter alongside me the whole way or at least as long as we could make it. The run was held at West Coast Park (our old stomping grounds and we were excited to go back). Check it out below and see how we did...

They wanted us to stretch before hand... Pierce is about as limber as daddy...

Pierce did a great job he did the ENTIRE race on his scooter and I only had to pull him a couple of times when he need a break. I was definitely running, jogging or pulling the whole time. Pierce was a cheerleader for the entire 5K yelling... "Good job ICS" leaving everyone we passed with a smile. I am happy to report that Pierce and I both crossed the finish line 39 minutes later... for our first 5K together that is not to bad... I was so proud of him for sure.

Here is a picture of the winner (shirtless) that finished in 14 min and the second place (on far left) that finished shortly after him and the third who they had to cross over the finish line bc he fell... but they all finished under 15 min. I believe... crazy. I remember them passing us when I felt like we had been running like 5 min... The picture is a sweet picture bc after the first place and second place crossed they turned around the pick the guy in the middle up (which is a custodial worker at the school) and carry him across the finish line.. amazing...

After the race we had another fund raiser with class baskets... each class was in charge of making a themed basked, then people would buy tickets to vote, then a ticket was picked from each basked to win that basket and then the basked with the most votes that class got a school party. Here is Pierce with one of his class mates looking at all the baskets.

Here was our class basket... since I am room mom it was my job to put together... a movie night basket... I thought it was good but we did not win.

They even had donuts... and Pierce was first in line.

After the race they sold the left over donuts on an auction for more money and you could take home a dozen donuts... Pierce really wanted a dozen... can you see him here in front betting...

He finally won as the highest bidder... he was so proud to run on stage with his money and claim his prize.

What is better than after a hot days run in the sun... playing the sand with friends...hey did you know that sand sticks really well to sweaty bodies???

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