Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Captain Pierce... Happy Birthday!

For many reasons we decided to have Pierce's birthday party this year in March (again) instead of Jan (which is his actually birth month). It really works out best this way and we had another fun party. This year Pierce has been talking a lot about Pirates (it all started bc his friend came to see him last year that was really into Pirates and had a Pirate b-day party)... so this year... Captain Pierce was the theme. Oh boy did Dad and I have fun planning this party. I never knew planning a pirate party could be so much fun. Also this year we had some family members with us... Uncle Keith and Auntie Elly were here visiting and go to celebrate with us but not before I could load their suitcase up with fun stuff from OT. This is what the invitation read: "Stop yer pillaging: Lend me an ear I have a message for ye to hear! The treasure's been stolen: It must be found! So tighten ye sashes without a sound! Bring ye swim gear: it's going to be wet. Ye be walking the plank on this ye can bet! I'm "Captain Pierce" and I'll lead the way on March 5th, I'll be 4 that day! We be setting sail at 11am for some swashbuckling fun in the hot afternoon sun!" The day was finally here... come and join the fun:

Can our little man really be 4... wow.

If you are wondering if Pierce has on shorts in the next picture... yes he does.. and yes they are speedos... his swimming coach wears these so he wanted some and they are really cute but I promise by the time he turns 5 he will be wearing proper shorts.

Everyone got a sticker set... where they could make their own pirate scene.


Beach Balls for everyone... thanks Uncle Keith.

And what is a Pirate party without a treasure hunt... off we go. Homemade treasure maps and clues with the help of Auntie Elly and Uncle Keith... yes we burned everyone by hand.

Each kid got a treasure box to put their treasure in.

Off they go... second stop tennis court.

Running for more...

They finally made it to the BIG treasure... a pinata filled with goodies.

How old are you?

Just in case you were wondering what I was doing during all of this... well my friend caught me on camera.

There is more... see the next post...

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Denton Family said...

You always have the best birthday party ideas...how fun.


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