Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rest Period is over... pics of Uncle Keith and Auntie Ellie!

After a lot of travel time.. and a lot of delays Auntie Ellie and Uncle Keith finally arrived 2 Sundays ago in the am... and boy did we have one happy boy when he woke up. To keep them up and moving we went to church and then headed to Sentosa Beach for some playtime.
Look at these boys... so cute right?

I knew when we got these 3 together... that someone would find a ball and sure enough they know have some entertainment...

I was waiting for someone to grab a board and catch a wave... but no takers this go around.


A great day... now time for sleep and then another day tomorrow.
Please note that these are late to air... Uncle Keith and Auntie Ellie had to return home last Sunday... I was so sad to see them go it took me about a week to get my composure so I could write about their trip :-)... We miss you.

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