Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do what Pirates do...

I have a lot to catch up on and one of the items is Pierce's 4th birthday party... however before we show you the pics from the party we must show you the pre-party pics... We got a lot of the party supplies from Oriental Trading and had K&E bring them with them... bc it is so much cheaper there and some of the items were a pirate blow up and a boat blow up... we decided to blow them up a couple of days in advance so Pierce could play with them and then hopefully he would be more apt to share them on his party day... so glad we did that... bc look below how much he loved them... he had to take naps in the boat next to the pirate... we were obvioulsy having a Pirate themed birthday party.

And sure enough the day of his party him and boat and the pirate had connected so well that he was comfortable to share his new toys with his friends.... or he was so tired of the "crick" in his neck he was ready to set them free.

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