Thursday, March 31, 2011

Janet Jackson in Singapore!

You know I am trying to play catch up... so here was a fun Girl's Night out... Janet Jackson was coming to Singapore and I begged my friends to go with me for my birthday... I knew I could never get Blake to go but some of my sweet friends said YES... they are so sweet and we all had a great time... Just a little disclaimer it was Janet's hit from the 80's... oh so good.

Happy Birthday to me... we started the night out at Brewerks... and if you look closely I had a friend give me fake eye lashes to wear... so I was of course sporting them...

We got there right on time and Janet did not come for another hour or so... she made us wait but it was so worth it...

All of these pics and the below video was taken on my phone so they are not that good (I got caught with my big camera and they had to hold it for me)... but you get the picture... Janet is like 40 something and can still dance like she is 20... she made me tired just watching her... she was awesome.

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