Saturday, February 12, 2011

The many faces of Pierce... at 4!

We got a lot of faces going on right now in our house... some are real cute and some are just "all little boy"... with these faces comes the matching attitude. Most of the time mom and dad are tickled pink (or blue) and often laugh but sometimes with the right face/attitude we have been known to "blow our top"... but we are so blessed to have this 2 eyed, pink cheeked, 1 nose little monster we call our son... we just hope these pics do it justice when we say he is a boy of many faces.

P.S. All these pics were taken within 1 min of each other... :-)

1 comment:

tjsing said...

You must have gotten your camera back because these pics are so good! What a great little model you have to photograph!


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