Monday, February 14, 2011

Chinese New Year at IBC... what a show!

They celebrated Chinese New Year at school by allowing the kids to dress up and putting on a show where the parents were invited.
Here are some kids before school started. The 2 girls in the middle are in Pierce's class.

A group hug... if you can tell the first picture he was a bit timid to take pics with the girls.. and then the second one he smiling and now this one he is always game for a good hug.
They put the little ones on the front row... to enjoy the show... they were first up....Pierce is so excited.
Off they go...

Finished... and yelling at me as he finds his seat...
Through out the show he would turn around and just make sure I was still there.

There are 3 video's of Pierce and I know that is a lot but if you only have time to commit to one you must watch the first one... when they first sing "Jesus loves me" in mandarin and then in English... during the mandarin part Pierce is sort of into it and then gets distracted half way through asking the kid next to him "is that blood" and then he sings again but during the English part the part he knows so well... he showcases the chorus and get a bit loud... which is followed by laughter by the entire audience... he makes us proud everyday... we love this one.

Here are some high schoolers... singing some familiar songs in Mandarin... just thought that this is pretty phenomenal that kids get to learn all day with GOD in it... and get to worship in music class in all languages... what a blessing ICS is to us and many.

What a great show... we can't wait for the next one.

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Allison Volpe said...

Thanks for sharing that with us:) Pierce is growing so quickly! I can't believe how big he has gotten! Hailey (our oldest niece) is picking out her classes for 7th grade at Apollo Jr. High where we both went to school and it is crazy! I can't believe she is already 12. Where does the time go? I remember what feels like just yesterday meeting her and being at her 1st birthday party! Take care! WE miss you guys! Thanks for sharing all your stories and memories with us! Feels like we are right there with you!


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