Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Friday Monster Bash!

The Friday before Halloween we went to the Monster Bash at Rochester Park. We joined Violet and her gang for a day full of Halloween fun. Here Pierce all dressed up and sweet Violet a little bumble bee.

There were tons of activities for the kids to do... here Pierce is fishing. They would pick up goodies along the way and some of the activities were educational which was a nice touch.

There was trick or treating upstairs... which was a bit scary bc you had to knock on the door and this scary hand came out and you had to shake his hand to get candy... what happened to the rule "they are not allowed to touch you"... that is the only way I survived going to haunted houses... not sure about them now.
We even got to pick out what we wanted made out of balloons.. Pierce wanted an airplane and the sweet lady put a skeleton as the driver...

Face Painting... here he requested a race car... I think this was the first time she ever did a race car. I was so impressed how still Pierce was during this process.

Playing anyone???

Just could eat up this little race car driver....

Sweet Violet with her Unicorn.

Marek the Cowboy...

Just another pic of the cool race car driver.

More activities outside... have I told you yet how hot it was... it had just rained so it was muggy and humid.... yuck but with all the fun who could tell.

More fun... Here Pierce is learning fractions by placing bears in and out of circles. He was so excited to do this with the teacher. I think the teacher was enjoying having him there bc this was not a popular station if you know what I mean. But Pierce was happy to please.

They even had a jump castle... wow... so much fun... and no one got hurt... yippeee.

Then last stop up stairs for some dancing and puppet show.

Got to check out Pierce dancing.... we had never met the guy teacher in this video but it only took 5 min for him to figure out Pierce's name... so don't be confused we don't know this person but he knew Pierce if you know what I mean.

Puppet Show

He had something to say...

One last tackle on the ground with Violet... they are best buds.

Another great day with great friends... Happy Halloween.


Renee Westcott said...

Cutest race car driver ever!

Shelly said...

Okay, he is HANDSOME (but you knew that)! I think you should sport that do more often on him!


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