Friday, November 19, 2010

Back to Halloween Night...

Really have we not finished Halloween yet.... NOPE... we had so much fun this Halloween that we just had to make sure to record every minute of it.
Halloween night we had some friends over to decorate some cookies, eat some pizza and have a Halloween hunt at our condo. Our condo is new so we had no idea what they would do for trick or treating but it was really neat... they sent us on a hunt with clues where we would find people passing out the treats... the kids had fun.

Here all the big kids are admiring the youngest of the group... Anastasia.
Here Pierce is showing all his friends how he too can touch his toes just like he did when he was a baby. (ViVi and Grandad you will enjoy this picture).

We did our decorating cookies and eating pizza outside on the balcony where we could see the festivities starting below... we are getting excited.

Ok the kids are ready... waiting on the elevator with the bags in hand... ready or not here we come.

We all fit into the elevator... even with Buzz's wings.

They wanted to wait until dark to start the hunt... the kids were ready to go... but being patient.

Off they go... here was the first stop.... we had a big kid with our group helping us with the clues... they were too hard for me.

We went down stairs, up stairs, around dark corners, by the pool and more...

Surprise even daddy was at one of the stations passing out candy...

what a great night with friends at our new condo...

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aggiejenn said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for letting us tag along. We are loving that you guys live so close now!!


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