Monday, November 8, 2010

Converstations with Pierce!

1. This is just for female readers... One morning while I was getting dressed Pierce looked at me and said "wow what are those" and that is when I had to make a conscious decision not to laugh but I said "those are my breast. God gave them to mommies to feed babies" then Pierce said "You only got White Milk mama? Not Pink or Chocolate?" I could no longer hold it in and I did the spitting laughter thing and smiled and said "Yes son only White Milk" and then he left the room.

2. One day we were in the car and something came up where we called Pierce cute and that is when he said "I am not cute I am cool and awesome"

3. Pierce starts about 5 of sentences a day with this "When I was a boy". Note he is only 3.5 going on 19.


Lisa said...

Well I just spit Cheez-its all over the monitor! That is AWESOME!

Renee Westcott said...

Ahhhh...these are awesome! Please keep posting his funnies!

Jordan said...

Hilarious! He's so funny!

Susan said...

Ok, your son needs his own television sitcom! He's amazingly funny. I'm so glad I stumbled in here, I needed a good laugh. white milk... *giggles* too funny!


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