Saturday, April 26, 2014

Asher 15 mos (Nov 2013)

Asher at 15 mos... oh what a joy.  Asher had really gotten the hang of moving around and becoming a mess.  It was around this time that he got a new nickname "A Mess"... his korean babysitter at one point asked me what does "mess" mean and so I displayed a mess by using some play cars that were near.  I lined them all up and said "no mess" and then I mixed them all us and said "mess".  She made a face, looked at me and said "we (koreans) don't speak negative to our children"... I tried to explain to her this was a term of endearment really and that it was not meant to be negative but it truly captures his joyful, playful side... He is a mess and loves to make one.  I say that in the most loving way possible... We love our little mess.  

We love Happy Baby Photography who did the below pics of Asher.  They love accessories... we brought the outfits and they added the hats... Got to love it.  All of these clothes were Pierce's clothes when he was this age and am so thankful that we have these clothes with us here in Korea.  

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