Monday, April 28, 2014

25 days of Christmas... Love from home.... Dec 2013

ViVi and GD always make Christmas for us so special (even through the miles)... they work hard all year finding 25 presents for the boys to open each day in Dec leading up to Christmas.  This was the first year they had 2 grandkids to buy for... so a total of 50+ presents showed up on our doorstep late November and when it arrived, Pierce knew exactly what it was...  The gifts are wrapped in different paper, one for Pierce and the other for Asher, then they have numbers on them from 1 - 25.  We place them under the tree and let the kids find the number that matches the date and open it up.  It was so much fun and Asher had a blast for his first time.  Brother did the finding and then Asher got the hang of opening his own packages.
Pierce got lots of fun cool stuff and some of his favorites were all the puzzles.

Asher got a lot of books and stuffed animals, those were by far his favorite.

Thank you VIVI and GD for loving on us in this way... it is always so much fun and much appreciated.

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