Monday, December 27, 2010

A wonderful Christmas Eve...

What a wonderful Christmas eve we had with friends... it started out with an early dinner (and yes with a big turkey and gravy... very fancy thanks to the Custer's), then off to the 6pm candle light service at IBC, then Christmas with Tita, bible story time and then to bed... oh so ready to see if we have been good boys and girls for Santa... did he come???

The kiddy table at the Custers...

The Denton's and the Willerton's... I was trying to be festive and I realized I do not have anything red and green expect jewelry... sorry for the obnoxious jewelry :-)

The hostess Mrs. Jessica... prego and all... oh how pretty she is... and even GiGi made it in the picture in the background

Here is the only pic I have of the candle light service... we were late so we had to sit in the over flow room and we did not get candles... but Elysse managed to get one and shared with Pierce after all...

Home at last... Christmas with Tita.

Pierce was with me when we got this present for Tita... and he thought it was his so this is his face saying "no this is mine"... :-) What are you going to do with a printer son??? Tita has lots of hopes for the recipe book she is going to make.

The next part of the night is always my favorite... spending time with just our family and remembering the true reason for the season... Jesus' birth. We got this manger scene from Kingdom Creations (non-profit organization out of Cambodia) and Pierce wanted to put it in his room... and every night he would thank Jesus for God's house... so cute right???

We have a tradition where dad reads "Jesus' birth" to Pierce... this is always a sweet moment in our house to keep our eyes on the TRUTH of CHRISTmas.

Merry Christmas... and off to bed we go.

Christmas awaits us...

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