Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our home is looking alot like Christmas...

I really can not believe Christmas is almost here... my last blog was about Thanksgiving and now it is 6 days until Christmas Day... where does time go. No matter the temperature outside (hot) and the lack of cold weather clothes... we have been successful at getting our home to look like Christmas. First we got a lot of smiles around here... I think this is Pierce's favorite time of year... lots of sweets, lots of time with friends, and presents just appear out of no where... we are doing a lot of smiling around here.
You can't have Christmas without CHRIST... so here is just one of our many nativity scenes (my newest one)... I don't collect them but I think I am on the verge... Just love me some baby Jesus. This nativity set is from Bangkok, China and is made of Celadon.
We have gone several years without stockings... so this year we finally got some... Mom and Dad are sharing one and then Pierce has the other and Tita has the other... so cute.

When we moved back and forth in Sept. I left all my "Traveling Santa's in Texas... except these two... USA Santa and China Santa... so wish I had my others (Santa's that represent every country we have been too) but I sure do like to see these underneath all the Christmas Cards.

A little bamboo Christmas tree...

And a little touch of AggieLand from sweet Nana...

Now back in Texas you don't have to worry about your toes this time of year bc they are tucked snugly into socks and shoes but here in Singapore... where you wear flip flops all year long... you got to look good... this might be the only snow flake we see all year :-)

A sweet friend here let us borrow her Christmas Tree... we are so happy to have it and light it up every night. We all decided to make the ornaments this year... so much fun.

Not sure if you can notice but we have let Pierce hang all the ornaments and he likes for all of them to hang just on the bottom like a skirt. I have tried to move them but they made their way back down some how...

We always have an advent calendar... and this year we have three of them... one online from Nana and it is first one Pierce does every morning to see what day it is... one from Vivi and Grandad that sits in the entrance way so we can see what day it is every time we come and go.

And another by Lego's... it is pure genius. You can get all different themes (even ones a little more Christmas) but Pierce is really into Pirates right now so we got the Pirate one... but every day he gets to open a little box that has a 4-5 piece Lego set that he gets to put together and then play with it on his pirate scene... we love it and it is so much fun to see what its going to be each day.
There are so many reasons to love Christmas and all these things we do love and they do help fill the void of having family so far away during this special time but most of all we thank God for giving us His precious baby boy that would some day become our Saviour. We are reading a book right now with Pierce that says "Santa Claus and Christmas trees and presents are okay, but Jesus is the real reason we have a Christmas Day"... so all of these things are fun and we sure do embrace them here but more than all we love Christmas for the first 6 letters CHRIST.


Denton Family said...

Nice to have you back on line. You have been missed.

Jenn said...

I collect nativy sets from around they world, so if you go back to Thailand or see another one like you have I want to buy it! I have one from Africa and one from Israel and I want one from this part of the world.


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