Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa left a little message for Pierce...

Santa left a little message just for Pierce... and he loved it.

There is a great website that allows parents to enter some personal information about your children (color of hair, name, Christmas wish list, etc.) and then they will put together a little video from Santa in the North Pole for them to watch... it is free and easy... and so worth it... Pierce wanted to watch it over and over again. You can watch our video here or make your own at the same link. Enjoy.


Melanie said...

THis was a fabulous idea, thanks! Juliana was mesmerized and asking for Santa later that day, We have the elf tho, in Santa's place here, so she cuddles wnd talk to him :-)

Shelly said...

I need to do this. How do you find these things?!


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