Thursday, February 7, 2013

HFS Christmas Show Night...

Yes we are still reviewing Christmas... what can I say we had a lot going on... this post is about the school Christmas play... actually called the CHRISTMAS VARIETY SHOW... every class put on a little ditty/dance/play/song and we were all excited, the kids on stage and the parents anxiously waiting... here is how the night went...

As soon as we arrived Pierce wanted to show off all his work... we visited every bulletin board that had one of his masterpieces on it... he was so proud... we were so proud.  This show was really late did not start until 7pm so unfortunately Daddy had to stay home with Asher... so there are lots of pics and video so Daddy did not miss a beat.


The kids were to meet in their classrooms and wait for their turn on stage... here is Pierce's class... is that a chess board I see... 

And the show starts... the big kids were on first to kick us off... 

The teachers even had a little song for us... Pierce teacher is the guy in the back on the left.

Now it is Year 2's turn... here is our little man

There is our boy... no qualms at all with picking his nose in front of a 100+  crowd.

Let the Video's begin...

Something I have known for a long time is that Australia's summer is winter but I never really thought about it until this past Christmas that their Christmas is hot... the kids were to sing Jingle Bells at the play but the Aussie way... it is so cute... check it out... all our Aussie friends here kept saying it did not feel like Christmas since it was so cold outside... I love it.

Rockin around the Christmas Tree
My Two Front Teeth

Guess who was kissing Santa Claus???

C.O.O.L. Club Acronym for CHRISTMAS.  Cool Club is an after school program that is very similar to Sunday School but falls on a Wednesday and stands for Children of our Lord.  The school would not approve a nativity scene skit in hopes to honor all religions but they would approve this... I think the kids did a great job.

Middle School Orchestra Surprise - not really sure of the whole story here but our school performed at a local middle school at a function so they surprised us with this... AMAZING!  (side note... these kids are in middle school)

THE HFS Christmas Variety Show Finale

Shed a few tears... so proud of our little man and really blessed by all the experiences he is getting...

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