Monday, November 12, 2012

We adore our little 3 mos. old

Asher John at THREE months
7.2 kg (16 lbs) - 85th percentile
 64.77 cm (25.5 in) in length - 95th percentile (a huge growth... trying to catch up to brother)
42.4 cm (16.7in) in head cir. - 100th ++ percentile (still a big melon)

Eating - every three to four hours during the day, with last one at 10pm and the next at 7:30am

Sleeping - Yeah... sleeping through the night... goes to bed around 8pm, then I wake him at 10 for a dream feed and then he sleeps until 7:30am (when I have to wake him up so we can take Pierce to school)... he sleeps on and off during the day still no real schedule during the day.

Sounds - All kinds of noises and definitely getting more vocal

Smiles - His smile has turned into a laugh... which is a big open mouth laugh with not much sound but so so cute

Happy - Extremely

Best Trait - patient and a ladies man already... any lady that speaks to him will get a big smile... guaranteed to make your day

Cries - hardly never... on occasions when he wakes and is hungry

Nick Name - Asher Johnny Boy

Firsts - no real changes since 2 mos (thank you God)... still swinging the legs and trying to suck on his hand (his whole hand).  He is holding his head up more and more each day... while in the car seat he will lean forward like he is trying to get out and really giving his abs a workout.

Updates - Sleeping through the night... we are so thrilled.  Also Asher now has his own passport and a US birth certificate... Yeah He is American...

Are you ready for the photos... sorry I just could not pick a favorite... so you get them all...

Ok I lied... the next one is my favorite... but you are still getting them all.

This is what a sneeze looks like:

The next three pics deserve a story... the first one it seemed that Asher was dazed so I asked Pierce to make him smile (which is easy to do)... so here comes Pierces hand to place on top of his head... and I tell you what if Pierce pays any attention to Asher (for example Pierce could step on his toe, yell his name, etc.) the next 2 pictures is what you get... He loves his big brother.

The hand is quickly removed and I get a pic of that sweet smile... which usually turns into a laugh (the pic below is of Asher laughing at his big brother).

"Hey mom... your kind of boring... where is big brother?"

The next set of pics of just of Asher growing up this past month... and all the fun we have been having watching him do so... 

The next picture is proof that Asher is not like his brother when it comes to sleeping... Pierce was swaddled as tight as could be for the first 8 months but Asher he likes to spread out... 

The weather is getting colder here..... and thanks to the Unruh's we are prepared... Asher all wrapped up in his green onsie... 

Some pics I grabbed with my phone (so they are not great)... but check out the sequence.

1)  I was not talking to him... he was just checking out the room and taking it all in... so still..

2).  Hey Asher... "YES"

Whatcha doing?  and this is his response... nothing but smiles...

Here Daddy is having a great time with Asher before bed time... there is nothing like a good rest after a bunch of laughter and coo's...

Asher is starting to respond to voices, touch, smiles, and grab a hold of toys... so fun to watch him have so much fun... here he is with his doggie and when the doggie attacks it really cracks him up...

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